Clover Kitchens Essential

Our essential German kitchens offer extraordinary style at exceptional value for money and to suit a wide variety of lifestyles and tastes. With quality being at the heart of everything this product has to offer, kitchens are manufactured in Germany at the most modern and efficient manufacturing sites for kitchen furniture in all of Europe.

Kitchens are custom designed and manufactured with the utmost precision. The high degree of automation at a high-performance production facility ensures that all sequences operate precisely and reliably, from goods inwards to product delivery therefore ensure that the standard of quality remains constant. A comprehensive manufacturing control system with more than 50 test sites within production guarantees a perfect process.

Clover Kitchens Premium

Ultra-modern production facilities, high-quality materials and craftsmanship for more than 25 years. Quality pays.

Our premium German product blends expert craftsmanship and systematic process optimisation to achieve the best results in kitchen production. Every single kitchen is unique - Any carcase width up to 1200 mm, any carcase height up to 2400 mm and any carcase depth up to 700 mm - we leave no wishes unfulfilled. We use the very latest production techniques like laser applied carcase leading edges to produce the very best specification of kitchens made anywhere in Germany.

Our premium product only uses the very best components. Look forward to doors in the kitchen that close gracefully and automatically thanks to the integrated BLUMOTION hinge system. Every door will open and close reliably for years to come. Blum Legrabox pure is used as a standard feature in our premium German kitchen furniture. The sleek, linear design combined with high-quality materials signifies elegance in motion. Unique powder coated finishing offers scratch, shock-proof, and dirt resistance, ensuring even the most turbulent family life leaves behind no traces. In addition to a great feel coupled with a wide selection of colours. Irrespective of your preferred style, be inspired by our infinite variety of options and individual features for shaping your new kitchen.

Value for Money

In the kitchen furniture industry there are many 'Big Name Brands' from Germany, across Europe and in the UK. The big name brands generally have huge advertising and marketing budgets to make their brand recognisable by potential consumers. At Clover Kitchens we recognise that its the consumer that pays for these huge advertising and marketing budgets from these brands. We believe there is another path, that offers much better value for money for the consumer, so we work with kitchen furniture manufactures that are able to offer the kind of quality and value that very often these big brands can not!

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Still a family owned and run German company first established in 1899, now in its fourth generation. Miele is the most highly regarded appliance manufacturer in Germany, with every product designed for a working life in excess of 20 years. Miele are the innovator, they were first to market in just about every domestic appliance sector and never stop improving what they do.

Manufacturer Website | Projects that include Miele


Manufacture of cutting edge design home appliances from Germany. Siemens have an enviable reputation for producing quality and value for money domestic appliances with great design.

Manufacturer Website | Projects that include Siemens


The inventor of cooktop extraction systems. Bora have proved that downdraft extraction systems actually work, as long as they have been designed properly! Bora are way ahead of the competition in their sector and continue to innovate.

Manufacturer Website | Projects that include Bora


The experts in in-home water quality. Zip provide systems that produce boiling, chilled, ambiente and sparkling water, all filtered by an industry leading filter system. They also offer fantastic in-home service contracts to keep your Zip system working perfectly all year. Manufacturer Website.

Manufacturer Website | Projects that include Zip


Leading German manufacturer of built-in appliances. World renowned for quality and value for money appliances in just about every product category. Manufacturer Website.

Manufacturer Website | Projects that include Neff


Leading manufacturer of sinks and taps from Germany. Huge range of sinks in different materials, from basic systems for utility rooms to handmade bespoke systems without compromise.

Manufacturer Website | Projects that include Blanco


Premium manufacturer of quartz products used for the kitchen and bathroom industry. Cosentino, the parent company of Silestone are the innovator of many different materials, surface types and colours in our industry.

Manufacturer Website | Projects that include Silestone


Leading Spanish manufacturer of porcelain tiles for the home. Grespania have one of the largest ranges of tiles available.

Manufacturer Website | Projects that include Grespania